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Article: The UK Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution – GSS Well Placed to Deliver

Written by: Jenny Hormell

Published: Nov 20, 2020


Here at Ground Source Solutions, we are always on the look out for anything that can further the expansion of renewable energies here in the UK, especially when it comes to geothermal heating. Well, recently in the News you might’ve heard about the govenment’s latest Ten Point Plan to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050.

The Ten Point Plan demonstrates the UK’s significant and continuing commitment to tackling greenhouse gas emissions. The plan delivers on commitments to present a vision for the UK that is greener, more prosperous and at the forefront of global industry.

GSS Well Placed to Deliver on Point 7

You can download a detailed PDF of all ten points here, but what we are interested in today is point #7.

7. Homes and public buildings: Homes account for around one-fifth of carbon dioxide emissions so the plan is to make homes, schools and hospitals greener, warmer and more energy efficient.

I’ve highlighted the main points in the quoted paragraph below, so you can quickly see that, yes, the government is looking to aim for 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028.

To future-proof new buildings and avoid the need for costly retrofit, we will seek to implement the Future Home Standard in the shortest possible timeline, and consult shortly on increased standards for non-domestic buildings so that new buildings have high levels of energy efficiency and low carbon heating. As is the common theme across this plan, we want to stimulate investment and manufacturing in the UK. We will aim for 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028, creating a market led incentive framework to drive growth, and will bring forward regulations to support this especially in off gas grid properties. This ambition still leaves open the choice as to whether we ultimately pursue hydrogen heating, an electrified heating system, or a mixture of both, whilst we continue to pilot the options.

We are providing £1 billion to extend the schemes announced by the Chancellor earlier in the year to further kickstart this market. We will extend the Green Homes Grant for another year to improve the energy efficiency of homes and replace fossil fuel heating. We will reduce emissions in schools, hospitals and public buildings by further funding for Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. We will transform the lives of more homeowners who live off the gas grid, particularly in rural areas, with upgrades to their heating systems through the Homes Upgrade Grant. And we will commit to further funding for the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund to continue upgrading the least efficient social housing.

Here at Ground Source Solutions we specialize in both domestic and commercial ground source installations, and with our successful Turnkey solution, we are well placed to help the government achieve it’s most recent pledge to bring the UK to zero carbon emissions by 2050.


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