Project: Raby Castle

Raby Castle

Raby Estates

Completed: 2022



An open loop ground source system for one of England’s finest medieval castles.


Ground Source Solutions were tasked with installing an open loop ground source system to provide approximately 600kW of heating for Raby Estates – the home of one of England’s finest medieval castles – Raby Castle.


The first stage involved the drilling of a 117m deep  x  305mm diameter borehole followed by a step test and a 4 day constant rate test on the abstraction borehole to determine the volume and capacity achievable for the open loop system.  The flow rate achieved was 33 litres per second with minimum draw down with the water level dropping only 1.5m from 9m to 10.5m.

 The final stage of this project is the construction of the injection well and installation of the connecting pipework.